In home lice removal serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Carpinteria, Ojai, Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Solvang, and Buellton.

Common Questions

Q. Does lice only happen to the lower economic population?

A. OH HECK NO!! Lice are equal opportunity bugs. They will infest people of all ages, colors, races, and economic backgrounds. They do not discriminate. If you have a head with hair, They would love to live on you for as long as you will let them. The ONLY people they don’t particularly like are bald people. No place to hide or hang on. They fall right off. Sorry!!

Q. Will lice just go away if i just leave it alone?

A. No. Lice don’t just “die out”. They must be treated and all nits and bugs MUST be removed. Lice will just keep multiplying if they are not completely eradicated from the head.

Q. What’s the life cycle of a louse?

A. A louse has 3 stages to their life cycle. Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults.

Eggs-Incubation period is around 7-10 days until they hatch.

Nymphs-Once the louse hatches it is called a nymph and is barely visible to the naked eye. Nymphs do not reproduce and after about 12 days become an adult.

Adults-The adult louse can lay up to 4-10 eggs a day. The adult stage lasts about 28 days.

Q. Does your head always itch when you have lice?

A. No not always. Some people never feel any itchiness but yet have a full infestation of live bugs. The itchy feeling varies from person to person. Don’t rely on this as your only indicator of lice.

Q. When can my child return to school after we are treated by SBLR?

A. Right away! After we have treated you and/or your family for lice your child(ren) will be given a “lice-free” note to take to school certifying that they have been professionally treated for lice and are COMPLETELY safe and free of any lice. Guaranteed.

Q. Do over the counter products work for getting rid of lice?

A. Unfortunately no they don’t. Lice have become resistant to them and they contain pesticides. If you are truly desperate, I have found that over-the-counter products DO work in relieving the itchiness temporarily that comes from live bugs by using the shampoo until a technician can get to you IF the infestation is unbearable. The shampoos will kill some of the bugs but not all and will NOT kill the nits that are still attached to the hair shaft. The combs that are included in the kits are completely worthless as well. It is important to get treated professionally for lice otherwise the lice will just mature and you will have another infestation of lice again and again.

Q. What do lice look like?

A. Nits (Lice Eggs) are light brown in color and the size of grains of sand. They are stuck to the hair-shaft like glue and cannot be flicked off like dandruff.

Lice (Live Bugs) are brown to dark brown and are the size of poppy seeds (baby bugs) to sesame seeds (adult bugs). They have 6 legs and they crawl on the scalp and hair shaft. The baby bugs tend to hang out at the base of the hair shaft and look like tiny specks of dirt.