In home lice removal serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Carpinteria, Ojai, Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Solvang, and Buellton.
“Thank God for this service! Tami is great…Super friendly, non-judgemental, professional, and LOVES kids too (she even comes with a treasure box filled with goodies for the kiddos). She takes all the worry away by handling the dirty work for you.”
-Kathleen, happy mommy

“I have known Tami for almost ten years. I am her neighbor but I am also a board-certified Dermatologist. I know how difficult it is for kids and families to handle a case of lice. Tami is very professional but non-intimidating to kids and parents alike. She is very thorough and meticulous. I highly recommend her.”
-Rebecca Miller, MD.

Whenever the dreaded School Notice comes home saying that there’s been an outbreak of lice at my daughter’s school, I used to cringe at the mere mention of the little critters. Now, because of my experience with Tami seamlessly removing all nits, and lice using her amazing lice-deterrent oil, and ensuring that my daughter was free of all critters, and the gentleness with which she worked her magic, when that notice comes home now, I’m not even bothered by it because I know we have a solution right at hand. I’m so grateful to Tami for her lice removal service and would recommend her to anyone having to deal with this annoying life complication. Tami makes my fear of lice non-existent (and anyone who’s ever had lice knows that paranoia can set in at the slightest head itch).
-Kelsey Bodine (very satisfied Mama).

My girls and I apparently have delicious, lice loving scalps. My daughters received surprise round trip tickets on the lice train 5 times in one year. No joke. After the first send home from school I spent well over 3 hours a day diligently combing through my daughter’s hair, only to be defeated by a litany of hidden, hair colored nits- an exhausting, maddening experience. A couple of these super fun filled days later, daughter number two became lice infested as well. I knew I needed professional help especially as I started scratching and knew I was surely outnumbered, by thousands….

And then, I found Tami, The Lice Master of Santa Barbara, seriously. There is none other like her in the area, and worth every single-mom penny and then some. Tami not only does not use the toxic shampoos and treatments that the schools recommend in order to come back to school; but she is the most current in her innovative and thorough treatment protocol. Tami treats and gets rid of ALL the lice and nits efficiently and effectively, EVERY TIME.

Not by magic, but by being a professional and knowing exactly how to rid the infestation of lice correctly.

In my experience people treat lice themselves, thinking they have gotten rid of all the lice and nits, only to re-infest entire families, classrooms,and summer-camps and unbeknownst to them, the cycle continues. I recommend Tami to anyone suffering the tiny beasts and equally importantly to let friends and their schools know that Tami’s professional treatment is the only truly effective way to stop the cycle of lice. If you want to be a part of the solution, and rest assured that lice are far from your home, Tami is the very best in town.